Bad News, Good News

Bad News, Good News >

While Left Brain Media has been creating captivating media solutions for two decades, we produced a elearning demo reel you can watch in just two minutes. Let us power your next project.

Organizing Against Tobacco

Organizing Against Tobacco >

This project is one for a client where we had built a standard responsive and accessible Word Press template for them with many nice features, and then we were able to knock out many different sites using this same…

Reclaim Your Rhythm

Reclaim Your Rhythm >

Reclaim Your Rhythm is a recent website for one of our favorite clients. The organization is holding a special voting event on Instagram for Black History Month. The client needed a way to track a fan-favorite event running for the month of February 2022.

Change AFib

Change AFib >

This is one of the many dozens of websites we have created for this client over the last 16 years. The first page has a counter that estimates the number of patients with AFib in the United States based on published studies.

Tobacco Retail Licensure

Tobacco Retail Licensure >

This is an ANTI-Tobacco Site for a large heath organization. It shows the current laws around the country related to tobacco product distribution. This is one of the many dozens of websites we have created for this client over…

Health-Related Motion Graphic

Health-Related Motion Graphic >

With this quick project, the client needed a motion graphic to display in an exhibit booth. We were given a rough, text-only script and a five-day turnaround time. We edited the script, sourced music, mocked up a full storyboard, got approval, and then created the motion graphic.

Planning for eLearning Development

Planning for eLearning Development >

In this article, we introduce the common phases of traditional eLearning development. As we look at each phase, we will also provide some general scoping recommendations as you consider the eLearning course budget. Next, we will briefly highlight some alternative approaches to both eLearning and eLearning development.

List of Learning Management Systems (LMS)

List of Learning Management Systems (LMS) >

Understanding LMS Capabilities A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that automates the administrative tasks of training. Such tasks include registering users, tracking courses in a catalog, recording data, charting a user’s progress toward certification, and providing reports to…

CEO Roundtable

CEO Roundtable >

This current project is for a CEO Roundtable on health in the workplace. The WordPress template is modified to match their other web properties.

Avoiding Common eLearning Development Mistakes

Avoiding Common eLearning Development Mistakes >

When we started Left Brain Media almost 20 years ago, it was not a given that corporations would use on-demand, web-based, eLearning courses extensively. Almost all are today because the effectiveness has been proven. In addition, the cost savings…

Creating Symbolic Links to Directories

Creating Symbolic Links to Directories >

Symbolic links to directories are handy tools to have on your Linux server. One thing you can do with them is share a folder of resources with many different sites on your server. Unfortunately, they are a little tricky…

Recent Shoots

Recent Shoots >

Here are a few low-resolution samples from some previous photo and video shoots.  Need some custom photography?  We can manage your custom lifestyle photography photoshoot from beginning to end.  Talent, wardrobe, direction, location, props, makeup, and more.  

Left Brain Media Terms of Service >

Introduction Please read these terms of service (“terms”, “terms of service”) carefully before using the website (the “service”) operated by Left Brain Media. Conditions of Use We will provide their services to you, which are subject to the…

Hispanic Health Risks  Infographic

Hispanic Health Risks Infographic >

For this project our client had some raw data about health risks to Hispanic communities. We brainstormed with them and then created these infographics for Hispanic Heritage Month for their website.

The Patient Journey

The Patient Journey >

This is a fun little video we produced over 10 years ago for one of our favorite clients.  It was a creative introduction to complexities around patient healthcare.  Even after all these years, it is still a nice intro.

Health Games Website

Health Games Website >

One of our retail chain clients wanted to help its employees gain the knowledge needed to make healthy life choices. The client had a ton of content to cover, but the employees often just had short periods of time to learn the material because of competing demands. It was a great opportunity to leverage gamification.

Post Production Magic

Post Production Magic >

While  the words, “We will fix it in post!” are never what you want to hear when shooting video.  There are many times that post production can make all the difference.  Here are a few samples of what our…

Steve Jobs and User Interface (UI) Design

Steve Jobs and User Interface (UI) Design >

I am impressed at how much Steve Jobs was involved in UI design. It makes sense that Apple initially had some big application development problems after he passed away.  I was glad to see when they regained their footing.

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell >

This is still one of our favorites from The Oatmeal. Read, in cartoon form, the progression of a website project from hell. For more information on website design, check out this article on website design services by DesignRush.

Managing High Blood Pressure Activities

Managing High Blood Pressure Activities >

Project Overview These are a couple of HTML 5 based eLearning activities.  The target audience was on desktop computers, so while these work fine on an iPad, these don’t scale down for mobile use. These were part of a larger training…

Join Hands, Save Lives

Join Hands, Save Lives >

This promotional video is for the one of our favorite clients, and also the winner of 5 Telly Awards. This video is a good sample of quality created on a relatively limited budget. It used some volunteer actors and required access to facilities and equipment to make things realistic.

Life’s Simple Seven

Life’s Simple Seven >

Working with one of our favorite clients, we produced these seven videos in a couple of weeks to help them with an initiative several years ago. Get Active Manage High Blood Pressure Don’t Smoke Eat Better Lose Weight Reduce…

The Business Case for eLearning

The Business Case for eLearning >

  • October 9, 2009
  • Blog

No matter how qualified and competent employees are, there will always be a need for training. Efficient, Cost-Effective Training Whenever a company introduces a new product or service, implements a new business process or software application, modifies its structure…