One of our retail chain clients wanted to help its employees gain the knowledge needed to make healthy life choices. A “one-and-done” classroom training event or a single eLearning module wouldn’t do the trick. The client had a ton of content to cover, but the employees often just had short periods of time to learn the material because of competing demands. The training platform also needed to be fun and engaging, motivating employees to come back for more for months to come. It was a great opportunity to leverage gamification to teach the content itself.

Overview Video

Left Brain Media developed a health games website, engaging employees with games, competition, and prizes. The site integrates a dynamic leaderboard with a feed from the Company’s HR system. (We can do similar integrations with LMS systems.) To give you more insight of the solution we created to meet the client’s need, watch this short rollout video we produced for the employees.

We built a host of knowledge objects into a custom database. Employees create a profile and choose an avatar before selecting a game to play. Instead of using any traditional training methods, all content is transferred through the game play itself.

Example Game Instructions Video

The website features several games that take just a few minutes each to play. Employees answer as many questions as possible before time runs out. Answering correctly adds points to the score and more time to the clock. Incorrect responses result in lost points. In case the user gets stumped, a “Hint” button is available.

This very short video provides employees instructions for playing one of the games.

When the countdown clock runs out of time, employees can return to the dashboard to see how they performed against their coworkers. Not only does the dashboard rank overall scores, but it also breaks down scores and rankings by specific game and by content category. It’s an effective way to promote fun and healthy competition.

The platform encourages employees to return to play the games again and again. After all, repetition is key to this training experience as it is focused on changing habits for better health. The intelligent game engine keeps track as an employee masters specific content, and the scoring system awards larger point bonuses. But it doesn’t stop there! The game engine also knows just the right time to present new learning opportunities, introducing more content at a suitable and customized pace.

This training solution proved itself to be fun, fast, and effective.

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