Project Overview

To ensure a company’s thousands of leaders adopted communication skills taught at a leadership development conference, reinforcing the message for weeks to come would be critical. The question was how to do it well. The solution was a series of microlearning games that leverage the leaders’ spirit of competition.

After attending the live event, each leader received this short video introduction to the upcoming game-style challenges.

Then every two weeks for months to come, company leaders received a “challenge” notification. A new game was readily accessible on their mobile or desktop device.

While the gaming formats varied from video-driven scenarios to card games, they each shared these characteristics:

  • A clear learning objective behind each game (not a game for game’s sake)
  • Easy navigation from the challenge home screen
  • A quick review and instructions at the beginning of the challenge
  • A countdown timer to keep the game short
  • Addition of points for each correct answer
  • Deduction of points for each wrong answer
  • A leaderboard to rank players by score
  • The opportunity to replay the game to improve the score and ranking
  • Bragging rights and corporate incentives for top finishers
  • A corporate drawing for those who participated
  • Links to resources

Consequently, the end result was a learning experience that gained overwhelmingly favorable feedback and resulted in positive behavior change.

Would you like to see more? Then please contact us for a full demo. Or register to preview the actual game play and see the pricing related to this project.

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