This is a custom set of samples and articles for you to review.

Pricing & Services

Your content for your courses is already being produced for Stand UP.  So this may greatly reduce the cost of producing your eLearning, at least if you choose us to produce the new content.  I talked with Amy Brady about her plans for scripting your content. Based on what we know at the moment, she plans to reuse some of the most complex aspects of our production when scripting your content.  So the main tasks we will have in producing your courses are:

  • Changes to the tone of the content based on the audience.
  • Changing scenarios and examples to coincide with each sport being discussed.
  • Modifying the look and feel of each course so it will match the branding of each sport.

My estimate at this point is that your modules will not take us very long to create and make modifications for each sport.  I am estimating around $350 for each finished minute of eLearning. Howver, this could change as more details become available.

We price projects individually based on length and complexity. Our standard rate for this work is $130 per hour of our time. We will provide you with a not-to-exceed pricing quote when we have the details of each module to evaluate. This includes all of the following services as needed:

  • Educational and instructional design, writing, and editing
  • UI, UX, and graphic design
  • Game design
  • Motion graphic or white board animations
  • Custom photography, video production, audio production, and special effects
  • Programming in Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, & MySQL
  • Multimedia, web, database, and mobile development
  • Custom eLearning Production
  • LMS, SCORM, and eLearning standards expertise
  • Accessibility compliance editing and review
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • We can also provide talent for both narration or acting at pass-through costs based on the need.

The price of the eLearning is largely dependent on the media creation. A course that uses images and text primarily will be much less expensive than a course utilizing custom motion graphics, video production, custom games, actors, etc. So some eLearning will come in at around $200 per finished eLearning seat time, while other courses could be $2,500 per finished minute.  But in your case, you will be getting the benefit of previously produced content that is just being modified for your purposes.  So again, I am currently estimating this at around $350 per finished minute for high-end content.

Production Formats

We can create eLearning using any of the commercially available eLearning tools or our own format, which is based on web standards. Our format licenses the Rustica Scorm API for scorm packaging, which is what most of the major eLearning vendors use such as Articulate and Adobe. Our format can also be edited by our clients if they have the correct skill sets in Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Our own format allows for more flexibility than any commercially avaiable tool.

Selected Samples

Some samples show our expertise in media production, while other samples show various types of interactions that may be helpful in the type of material you are wanting to present.


We have written several articles that our clients have found helpful when trying to scope a new eLearning project.  These are listed by publication date.

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